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Monday, March 16, 2020

Steranko's Captain America and the Master of Kung Fu!

Panelocity follower Aficionado Guy recently forwarded some interesting panels my way. 

Steranko Master of Kung Fu 54
Captain America #110 (1969)  Jim Steranko            Master of Kung Fu #54 (1977) Jim Craig             
I love that both of these occupy the same place on their respective pages, the lower right corner.

Then a few pages later we get these sequences:  
Steranko Marvel Comics
Captain America #110 (1969)  Jim Steranko

Kung Fu Doug Moench Jim Craig
Master of Kung Fu #54 (1977) Jim Craig

Many thanks to Aficionado Guy! 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Fantastic Four #169 (Pt 9) Invisible Woman and Fantastic Four #70--Plus Marvel's Greatest Comics!

Fantastic Four 70 Kirby Romita
1968: Fantastic Four #70  Jack Kirby
 with touch-ups on Sue by John Romita Sr. 

Fantastic Four 169 Invisible Woman
1976: Fantastic Four #169  Rich Buckler

John Romita Sr. redrew Sue's hips and legs on 1968's Fantastic Four #70 cover. Jack Kirby's original Sue drawing is shown on the cover of 1974's Marvel's Greatest Comics #53. 

Marvels Greatest Comics Jack Kirby
1974: Marvel's Greatest Comics #53 Jack Kirby

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