Saturday, May 20, 2017

RIP Rich Buckler

1976:  Rich Buckler's mesmerizing cover to Astonishing Tales #36
featuring  his great character Deathlok

Fantastic Four 150-Buckler-GerryConway-Wedding
 Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver--Fantastic Four #150 (1974) 
Beautiful splash by Rich Buckler

Monday, April 24, 2017

Patsy Walker and Sue Richards-Defenders #51, Fantastic Four #48-Textbook Pose

I saw this Patsy Walker panel online and was immediately reminded of Kirby's panel from Fantastic Four #48.
Patsy Walker Hellcat Defenders
1977: Defenders #51  Keith Giffen
Lee-Kirby Fantastic Four 48
1966: Fantastic Four #48 Jack Kirby

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

X-Men #34 and Dan Adkins

1967's X-Men #34 was an early Marvel penciling assignment for Dan Adkins, and back then the fanzines quickly pointed out just how heavily he'd relied on reference--check out just a few examples below (there are many more in the issue; take a look through it). Naturally Adkins looked to the Kirby X-Men issues for guidance--but guess what comic the second panel (Angel flying) is based on.

XMen 34 Dan Adkins
1967: X-Men #34  Dan Adkins

Okay, here's the breakdown:

X-Men 34 Dan Adkins
1967: X-Men #34  DanAdkins
Yes, the pose is a standard one. Adkins repositions Angel a bit.
X-Men 11 Lee-Kirby
1965: X-Men #11  Jack Kirby

X-Men 34 MoleMan
1967: X-Men #34 Adkins
Jack Kirby Captain America Suspense
1964: Tales of Suspense #60  Jack Kirby

X-Men 34 Dan Adkins
1967: X-Men #34 Dan Adkins
X-Men 10 Cyclops Marvel Girl
1964: X-Men #8  Jack Kirby

X-Men 34 Dan Adkins
1967: X-Men #34  Dan Adkins
X-Men 10 Ka-Zar Iceman
1965: X-Men #10  Jack Kirby

Go to the head of the class if you remembered that Panel 2 has been featured on Panelocity😏

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Avengers Assemble! A Walk Down Memory Lane

In the "reminds me of" category. Btw I'm loving the new Waid-Kitson Avengers series--a must-read for fans of the Kooky Quartet! 
Avengers 3.1 Waid-Kitson
2017: Avengers #3.1   Barry Kitson pays homage to a great Buscema panel
Avengers 46 John Buscema Roy Thomas
1967: Avengers #46  John Buscema

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby(Pt 15) Hulk #122 &123 and Fantastic Four #89 - Reed, Ben and Shiny Waxed Floors

Fantastic Four 89 Lee-Kirby
Aug. 1969: Fantastic Four #89 Jack Kirby

Hulk 122 Hulks Last Fight
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122  Herb Trimpe

And again, in Hulk #123.
Incredible Hulk 123 No More Monster
Jan. 1970: Hulk #123  Trimpe

The full Kirby panel:
Fantastic Four 89 MoleMan
1969: Fantastic Four #89 Jack Kirby

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 14) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #87 - Crystal Blue Persuasion 😊

Incredible Hulk 122 Trimpe Thing
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe
Fantastic Four 87 Dr Doom
June 1969:
Fantastic Four #87 Kirby
The Kirby cover.
Fantastic Four 87 Power and Pride
Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott
Fantastic Four #87
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