Monday, August 7, 2017

Classic Goliath Pose--Clint Barton Style! By Colan and Sal Buscema

Avengers 68 Goliath Sal Buscema
1969--Avengers #63 by Genial Gene Colan                      and Avengers #68 by Our Pal Sal Buscema      

Standard strongman shot.      


  1. I just found your blog about a week ago and have spent a lot of time perusing old posts. Tremendous research!

    I hadn't realized Buscema and Kane borrowed so much from Kirby, but then again, I have read more than once that Marvel artists (especially in the '60s) were urged to do just that. On the other hand, Dick Ayers once told me that he was never advised -- by Stan Lee or anyone else -- to ape Kirby.

    1. Hi Silver Fox, thanks for stopping by! And that's interesting about Ayers--any more tibdits you can share?

    2. A little over twenty years ago, I paid Dick Ayers to illustrate three pages of a seven-page origin story for a character I was submitting to several comic publishing houses. We corresponded briefly during this period, and once, when my friend Laura and I were travelling in New York, I convinced her to go to White Plains so I could call him on a pay phone and ask if Laura and I could visit him. He said yes! I was actually in his studio, marveling (pun intended) at the many sheets of classic original artwork on his walls. If you're interested in seeing his work on my concept -- a boy superhero series set in the 1960s, making Mr. Ayers the perfect artist to draw it -- go here for the full story!

  2. Hi SilverFox,

    Thank you for the link. That is certainly some exquisite artwork there by the late great Mr. Ayers.
    Btw I left a comment on your Ayers Tribute post, but it does not seem to have been published yet. I know it's an older post, but I wanted to let you know how moving your tribute was.

  3. Due to dozens of spam comments that showed up on old blog entries of mine, I enabled comment moderation for any post older than 14 days. That's why your comment on my Ayers tribute didn't post until a few minutes ago. So glad you've been enjoying my blog. Yours is a lot of fun, too.

    Speaking of tributes, I only heard about Rich Buckler's death a month or so after he left us. That was quite a shock.


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