Friday, September 8, 2017

Standard Subby Stance--by Two Masters

Sub-Mariner: sinewy, studly, surly.
Sub-Mariner John Buscema
1966: Tales to Astonish #82-Jack Kirby                          1968:  Sub-Mariner #1-John Buscema                    

A mirror image of the Buscema art was was used for the cover of Tales to Astonish volume 2  #1, so here's another pair to compare and contrast: 
John Buscema Sub-Mariner
                                                                      1979: Tales to Astonish vol. 2 #1  Buscema


  1. I've always loved that cover to Sub-Mariner #1!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, SF! That is a memorable cover, isn't it? IMO some of John Buscema's best work was on that Sub-Mariner series.


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