Hi everyone. Over the past years I've posted some Kirby-inspired panels in various comic book blogs/forums/etc. and people have asked me for more...so here, for your viewing pleasure, is Panelocity.  

What you'll see in this blog:
Some swipes, but not exclusively. I come across a panel or cover that strikes me as being influenced by another one, or if it simply reminds me of another artist's work, I'll probably post it.  It doesn't have to be identical, just have enough elements that give me a sense of déjà vu.  It could be a swipe...or a tribute...or an homage that's not so well known...or a coincidence.                          

Fantastic Four 157 Rich Buckler
Excellent example of a recall:Kirby Fantastic Four #45 cover 
and Buckler panel a la Kirby (Fantastic Four #157)
Now, as for the fine art of swiping: 
In The Great Comic Book Heroes Jule Feiffer wrote: "Good swiping is in itself an art." Certainly in comic books' infancy, many artists looked to the comic strip masters such as Caniff, Raymond, Foster et al., for inspiration and reference. It was a tool of the trade and one that was expected to be used. It was considered an honor to be "swiped." Swipe files were also used in other media such as magazine advertising (and still are). 

When did this perception change in comic books so that "swipe" became a dirty word? My guess is sometime during the 1960s, when Stan  Lee regularly credited the pencilers (and others) in Marvel Comics and pencilers were thrust into the limelight and finally received the recognition they deserved. All of a sudden pencilers were looked as stars in their own right, singular artistes who surely didn't need reference.  Well, comic book artists have always been influenced by older and contemporary artists--and  likely will continue to be.  It's the nature of the beast. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by--I hope you'll enjoy what you see here!  

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