Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby(Pt 15) Hulk #122 &123 and Fantastic Four #89 - Reed, Ben and Shiny Waxed Floors

Fantastic Four 89 Lee-Kirby
Aug. 1969: Fantastic Four #89 Jack Kirby

Hulk 122 Hulks Last Fight
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122  Herb Trimpe

And again, in Hulk #123.
Incredible Hulk 123 No More Monster
Jan. 1970: Hulk #123  Trimpe

The full Kirby panel:
Fantastic Four 89 MoleMan
1969: Fantastic Four #89 Jack Kirby

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 14) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #87 - Crystal Blue Persuasion 😊

Incredible Hulk 122 Trimpe Thing
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe
Fantastic Four 87 Dr Doom
June 1969:
Fantastic Four #87 Kirby
The Kirby cover.
Fantastic Four 87 Power and Pride
Jack Kirby & Joe Sinnott
Fantastic Four #87

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 12) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #89 - It's Clobberin' Time!

Fantastic Four 89 MoleMan
Aug. 1969: Fantastic Four #89 Kirby
Incredible Hulk 122 Thing-Hulk
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe

Incredible Hulk 122 Hulks Last Fight
1969: Fantastic Four #89 Kirby                               1969: Hulk #122 Trimpe                    

 The panels on the pages: 
Fantastic Four 89 MoleMan
                         Fantastic Four #89 Kirby                Hulk #122 Trimpe                                          

Monday, November 7, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 9) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #85 - Classic Thing

Sure, it's a standard shot of Ben; but as we've seen, Trimpe was using Fantastic Four #85 for reference and inspiration. 
Dec. 1969: Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe
Fantastic Four 85 Doom
April 1969: Fantastic Four #85 Jack Kirby

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 4) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #83 - Human Torch

Incredible Hulk 122 Trimpe
Dec. 1969 Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe
Fantastic Four 83 Inhumans
Feb. 1969: Fantastic Four #83 Jack Kirby

Pssst--in the Trimpe panel, Sue and Crystal are again modeled after a Kirby panel from an FF issue we've seen already. Guess which issue!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 1) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #89

The late great Herb Trimpe's artwork was often called "Kirbyesque" so here we'll take a look at Trimpe's work on Hulk #122 and #123, which featured the Fantastic Four as guest stars. I never read Hulk back then but I was an FF fan, so for me it's fun to see these FF recalls. 

Trimpe was not used to drawing the FF and it was important to keep such well-known characters on model.  It's pretty apparent Trimpe used several then-recent Fantastic Four issues, chiefly #83-#89, for inspiration/reference.These issues were probably on hand in the Marvel offices--remember, Trimpe was part of the Marvel production staff.  

Let's start with these covers, Fantastic Four #89 and Hulk #122. Both issues are from 1969: FF #89 was published in May 1969, around the time when Hulk #122 was being created, given a 4 month production lead time. Sure, there's Reed's fist in the forefront, but let's face it, that's a pretty common--and expected--Reed shot. Here I'm more interested in Sue and Crystal. 
Hulk 122 Fantastic Four
Aug. 1969: Fantastic Four #89  Jack Kirby                            Dec. 1969: Incredible Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe                 

A closer look at the two covers: 
Fantastic Four 89 Lee-Kirby
Here's a close-up of Sue and Crystal on the FF #89 cover...
Hulk 122 Fantastic Four
...and on the Hulk #122 cover.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Popular Thing Pose by Kirby, Kane, Buscema, Buckler and Perez

Classic Benjamin J. Grimm: standard shots of Ben as punching bag. 

Kirby Fantastic Four 71 And So It Ends
Feb. 1968: Fantastic Four #71  Jack Kirby
Marvel Team-Up 6 Thing Alicia
Jan. 1973: Marvel Team-Up #6  Gil Kane
Fanatstic Four 141 Negative Zone
Dec. 1973: Fantastic Four #141 John Buscema
Fantastic Four 144 Attack
March 1974: Fantastic Four #144 Rich Buckler

Dec. 1976: Fantastic Four #177 George Perez
Perez changes the legs and adopts Buscema's open mouth expression 
 If Buscema's and Buckler's panels look familiar, it's because we've seen them before here and here.  How do Kane's and Perez's stack up?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Popular Panel Composition by Kirby, Tuska, Kane and Adkins

I know Kirby wasn't the first to use this rather standard composition, but I'm still betting Tuska, Adkins and Kane each had a copy of Tales of Suspense #60 nearby ;) 
Kirby Tales of Suspense 60 Captain America
1964: Tales of Suspense #60 Jack Kirby

THUNDER Agents 8 Tuska
1966: THUNDER Agents #8 George Tuska 
Tales of Suspense 91 Cap Gil Kane
1967: Tales of Suspense 91 Gil Kane. 
Dan Adkins XMen 34
1967: X-Men 34 Dan Adkins

  • Fun fact: Both Tales of Suspense #91 and X-Men #34 were on sale in July 1967 (so, in preproduction around the same time). 
  • I posted the Tuska version previously, but I'm including it here so you can compare it with these other Silver Age panels.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

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