Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fantastic Four #143 (Pt 3) Dr. Doom's Terrible Triumph

Fantastic Four 143
Fantastic Four #143 (1974) Rich Buckler/Frank Giacoia

Fantastic Four 64-SentrySinister
Fantastic Four #64 (1967) Jack Kirby/Joe Sinnott

And sure enough,  #143's Reed and Medusa are patterned after #64's Reed and Sue! 

Fantastic Four 143-TerribleTriumphDrDoom
Fantastic Four #143
Fantastic Four 64-ReedSue
Fantastic Four #64

Fun fact: Marvel's Greatest Comics #47 reprinted FF #64 with the Kirby cover slightly tweaked by John Romita Sr. and was on sale about a month prior to FF#143. 

Marvels Greatest Comics 47 Fantastic Four 64

Honorable mention: Fantastic Four #14's cover 😉

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  1. Some of your examples are obvious in that they seem like direct tracings or almost clip art. This is obvious (when it's right in front of my face) for different reasons. Your blog has gotten me thinking that all new super-hero comic artists should be required to spend a year or two swiping Kirby before branching out on their own, so that they learn the crafts of layouting and storytelling.


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