Many of you have let me know that some of my image pairings & arrangements pop up in other venues such as Facebook Swipe groups. Well, I'm flattered the posts are popular and that people enjoy PANELOCITY's swipes and "inspired bys", regardless of where they are presented. After all, the Internet is meant for sharing, right?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 (Pt 37) Coffee Tawk

Giant-Size Super-Stars 1 Hulk Thing
        1967: Fantastic Four 68 Kirby                    1974: Giant-Size Super-Stars 1  Buckler


  1. This is really funny! Unlike a lot of the swipes you point out, there can be an in-story reason for this. No point in letting that old machine go to waste.

    I hope you don't mind that i've put a scan and pointed this out on the relevant entry on my site (with credit to you, ofc).

    1. Thanks, fnord. It makes sense in this context, doesn't it? Props to both Buckler and Conway.


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