Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fantastic Four #147 (Pt 46) Sub-Mariner and the Original Human Torch Back to Back

   Fantastic Four 147 Conway-Buckler
1974: Fantastic Four #147 Buckler
              1966 Fantastic Four Annual 4
1966: Fantastic Four Annual #4  Jack Kirby

Psst! Did you notice that most of the panels on the last page of #147 are based on images from 1966's FF Annual #4? Why don't we take a look at the page in question: 
Fantastic Four 147 Sub-Mariner Strikes
Fantastic Four #147's last page
Check out the Fantastic Four Annual #4 sources here: 
Panel one
Panel two, as seen recently
Panel three above
Panel four

The only panel not from FF Annual #4 is panel five, Namor and Sue, which is based on a panel from 1967's Fantastic Four #66.

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