Monday, February 8, 2016

Fantastic Four #149 (Pt 22) Giant-Size Giganto

Fantastic Four 4 Sub-Mariner Lee-Kirby
1962: Fantastic Four #4 Kirby 
Fantastic Four 149 Sub-Mariner
1974: Fantastic Four #149 Buckler - two-page spread


  1. Once again just posting to say how much I enjoy your site. I was reading a George Perez interview where he talks of his big break, helping Rich Buckler: When I was working with Rich, I didn't get to do all that much beyond look for Jack Kirby references for his Thor and Fantastic Four references." That made me LOL, and I thought of Panelocity. Maybe you should do an entry just quoting Perez. Most of his interviews can be found by Googling "Perez" and "Buckler" and restricting the search to "books"

    1. Hi Chris, glad you're enjoying this! And yes, I think I have seen the quote you're referring to. The thing is, Perez also made frequent use of Kirby reference back then, at least in his early work as penciler on the 1970s Inhumans and Fantastic Four features. I have some Perez (among other artists) queued up for later this year, so stay tuned.


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