Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fantastic Four #117 (Pt 3) Sue and Reed--Plus Ben

Was Buscema inspired by Kirby here? Maybe, maybe not. But his positioning of Reed and Sue reminds me of the cover of FF #41.
Fantastic Four 41-FrightfulFour-ReedSue
Fantastic Four 117 (1971) Buscema                            Fantastic Four 41 (1965) Kirby

And yeah, I know you're already familiar with this #41 Reed 'n' Sue image; after all not too long ago we saw Buckler use it as a basis for Captain America and Mantis in 1974's Giant-Size Avengers #1, remember? ;).
Fantastic Four 41-BrutalBetrayalBenGrimm
The Kirby cover, Fantastic Four #41 (1965)

Plus! Now, take a look at the panel preceding the Reed 'n' Sue panel in #117: 
Fantastic Four 117-Buscema Sinnott
That's right, it's big, broad-backed Ben -- same camera angle/POV as Ben on the aforementioned FF #41 cover!  ;)

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