Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fantastic Four #126 (Pt 2) Sue Storm Richards

We checked out Dr. Doom last time; now it's Sue's turn.  
             Fantastic Four 126-Doom-WayItBegan
Fantastic Four #126 (1973) John Buscema
Fantastic Four 42-FrightfulFour
Fantastic Four #42 (1965) Jack Kirby

Bonus! Gene Colan probably referred to that same FF #42 sequence for his depiction of Sue in 1967's Daredevil #35. 
Fantastic Four 42 Lee-Kirby                  
Fantastic Four #42 (1965) Kirby               
Daredevil 35-Colan-FrightfulFour-SueRichards
Dardevil #35 (1967) Gene Colan              

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