Friday, April 1, 2016

Fantastic Four #151 (Pt 14) Mahkizmo and Gorgon

Fantastic Four 151 Thundra and Lightning
1974: Fantastic Four #151 Buckler
Fantastic Four 44 Inhumans Kirby
1965: Fantastic Four #44 Kirby


  1. Wow! I love this. I chronicled a few swipes on my blog (which I never update), but I mostly focused on Frenz swipes usually from Kirby and Buscema.

  2. Richard, thanks for the comments and for stopping by. I'm glad you're enjoying this blog. And may I say you have really great examples over on your own blog!

    I have some Frenz queued up, mostly covers, that I'm thinking of posting this summer, as a change of pace.


  3. I never got around to posting them (perhaps soon), but there were a bunch Hobgoblin swipes Frenz did when he was working on Spider-Girl. He mostly swiped early Hobgoblin appearances from JRJR, but he self-swiped himself a little.

    1. Go for it--Would love to see you revive your blog, Richard.


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