Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fantastic Four #151 (Pt 16) Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, Torch and Mahkizmo

Tales to Astonish 82 Kirby Iron Man
1966: Tales to Astonish #82 Kirby
Fantastic Four 151 Mahkizmo
1974: Fantastic Four #151 Buckler


  1. Did Buckler ever draw an original panel? I ask the question only somewhat rhetorically. I read on his wikipedia page that he threatened to sue The Comics Journal but later withdrew the lawsuit. I don't have access to the archives, but I hope I can read the stories later.

  2. I have often wondered EXACTLY the same thing!!! In fact, Joe Sinnott is anecdotally said to have been quoted saying "Rich Buckler - where I was paid twice for the same exact inking job."

    1. Hi Kent!
      Interesting comment from Sinnott, thanks. Seems that tptb wanted that classic FF 1960s look continued and the Buckler-Sinnott combo certainly provided it, didn't they? :)
      Btw, I have some more of the Buckler-Sinnott FF coming up in May. Hope you'll stop by.


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