Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fantastic Four Annual #22 Human Torch Attacks!

Classic Torch pose.  In the "reminds me of" category:
Atlantis Attacks Fantastic Four Annual 22
1967: Fantastic Four #69                            1989: Fantastic Four Annual #22 

Fantastic Four 69 Lee-Kirby
1967: Fantastic Four #69 Kirby
Fantastic Four Annual 22
1989: Fantastic Four Annual #22 Ron Frenz

Per the comment by "Unknown", compare Cap to the cover of Tales of Suspense #84!


  1. Hi Shar - compare the CA pose in FF Annual 22 to Tales of Suspense 84 - enjoying your site!

    1. Yes! Cap seemed so familiar (I'm sure the other characters on the cover have their sources too) and I'd noticed that Suspense cover...also check out Avengers #10. I didn't post either cover as being an inspiration, but it's pretty clear they probably were. Frenz often flipped around/reversed the stances.
      Thanks for reading and thanks for the input! If you come across any more, I'd love to hear about them.


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