Thursday, September 29, 2016

Popular Panel Composition by Kirby, Tuska, Kane and Adkins

I know Kirby wasn't the first to use this rather standard composition, but I'm still betting Tuska, Adkins and Kane each had a copy of Tales of Suspense #60 nearby ;) 
Kirby Tales of Suspense 60 Captain America
1964: Tales of Suspense #60 Jack Kirby

THUNDER Agents 8 Tuska
1966: THUNDER Agents #8 George Tuska 
Tales of Suspense 91 Cap Gil Kane
1967: Tales of Suspense 91 Gil Kane. 
Dan Adkins XMen 34
1967: X-Men 34 Dan Adkins

  • Fun fact: Both Tales of Suspense #91 and X-Men #34 were on sale in July 1967 (so, in preproduction around the same time). 
  • I posted the Tuska version previously, but I'm including it here so you can compare it with these other Silver Age panels.  

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