Monday, October 17, 2016

Trimpe and Kirby (Pt 1) Incredible Hulk #122 and Fantastic Four #89

The late great Herb Trimpe's artwork was often called "Kirbyesque" so here we'll take a look at Trimpe's work on Hulk #122 and #123, which featured the Fantastic Four as guest stars. I never read Hulk back then but I was an FF fan, so for me it's fun to see these FF recalls. 

Trimpe was not used to drawing the FF and it was important to keep such well-known characters on model.  It's pretty apparent Trimpe used several then-recent Fantastic Four issues, chiefly #83-#89, for inspiration/reference.These issues were probably on hand in the Marvel offices--remember, Trimpe was part of the Marvel production staff.  

Let's start with these covers, Fantastic Four #89 and Hulk #122. Both issues are from 1969: FF #89 was published in May 1969, around the time when Hulk #122 was being created, given a 4 month production lead time. Sure, there's Reed's fist in the forefront, but let's face it, that's a pretty common--and expected--Reed shot. Here I'm more interested in Sue and Crystal. 
Hulk 122 Fantastic Four
Aug. 1969: Fantastic Four #89  Jack Kirby                            Dec. 1969: Incredible Hulk #122 Herb Trimpe                 

A closer look at the two covers: 
Fantastic Four 89 Lee-Kirby
Here's a close-up of Sue and Crystal on the FF #89 cover...
Hulk 122 Fantastic Four
...and on the Hulk #122 cover.

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