Monday, October 10, 2016

Popular Thing Pose by Kirby, Kane, Buscema, Buckler and Perez

Classic Benjamin J. Grimm: standard shots of Ben as punching bag. 

Kirby Fantastic Four 71 And So It Ends
Feb. 1968: Fantastic Four #71  Jack Kirby
Marvel Team-Up 6 Thing Alicia
Jan. 1973: Marvel Team-Up #6  Gil Kane
Fanatstic Four 141 Negative Zone
Dec. 1973: Fantastic Four #141 John Buscema
Fantastic Four 144 Attack
March 1974: Fantastic Four #144 Rich Buckler

Dec. 1976: Fantastic Four #177 George Perez
Perez changes the legs and adopts Buscema's open mouth expression 
 If Buscema's and Buckler's panels look familiar, it's because we've seen them before here and here.  How do Kane's and Perez's stack up?

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  1. This has to be one of my favourite posts. It's so easy to just look at Buckler his own, but context is everything!


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