Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fantastic Four #144 Part 6 Johnny Storm

OMG, Johnny's pose in this panel on the last page of Fantastic Four #144 looked soooo familiar.  And then it hit me...
Fantastic Four #144 (1974) Rich Buckler's from 1969's Fantastic Four #88!   Plus, it looks like #144's Alicia and Belle Thorne, above, are based on #88's Sue and Crystal.
Fantastic Four #88 (1969) Jack Kirby


  1. Interesting to see Johnny get more muscular / his costume more skintight, too. It's especially weird in the 70s when Mr. Fantastic gets extra beefy until (i think?) John Byrne trims him back down. I'll be curious to see if you come across any Mr. Fantastic swipes that demonstrate that.

    1. Thanks for the comments, fnord. Buckler did a good job with the Kirby balloon musculature, didn't he? I'll see what I can come up in terms of Reed.

      And for those interested in Marvel comics--should be anyone and everyone reading this, right?--you need to check out fnord's Marvel Chronology Project--it's the best around!


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