Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fantastic Four #147 Part 9

Continuing with this page from FF #147, let's check out the third and fourth panels.

1974: Fantastic Four #147

Breaking it down: 
Fantastic Four 147 Buckler-Sinnott
Fantastic Four #147 (1974) Rich Buckler

Kirby-Fantastic Four 56-Buckler
Fantastic Four #56 (1966) Jack Kirby

FF#147 panel 4 is a fairly standard, ubitiquous image of an irritable, impatient Reed.

Fantastic Four #147 (1974) Buckler
There are numerous Kirby examples of angry Reed faces throughout Kirby's FF run.  Given the head tilt and the fact that there are many other images from #47 in #147, let's go with this Reed face. 
Fantastic Four 47 Inhumans
Fantastic Four #47 (1966): Kirby

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