Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fantastic Four #153 (Pt 15) Medusa--Fearless Front Facer!

Fantastic Four 82 Inhumans
Fantastic Four #82 (1969) Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four 153 Mahkizmo
Fantastic Four #153 (1974) Rich Buckler


  1. If I didn't know that Buckler hired Perez to find swipes for every panel, I would think this one a coincidence. The only thing these two panels have in common is the 3/4 angle on Medusa's face, and that's pretty standard.

    1. Yes, very standard shot. However I think the face (outline, shape) was possibly traced. Also the face size and the face's basic positioning in the panels match up. By comparison her body in the #153 panel looks very awkward, as if it was an afterthought and done freehand.

      Just FYI, I do post panels here that merely remind me of other panels. Check out the header text underneath the blog title; it's much more than swipes or even homages.


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