Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fantastic Four #116 (Pt 2) Sue from Fantastic Four #39

Fantastic Four 116-AlienAllyArmageddon
Fantastic Four 39 (1965) Kirby                     Fantastic Four 116 (1971) Buscema 
Fantastic Four 116-DrDoom-Buscema
             Fantastic Four 39 (1965) Kirby              Fantastic Four 116 (1971) Buscema

Connections: Buscema likely looked to FF #39 for inspiration/reference, since Dr. Doom appears in both #39 and #116 (and you'll see some similar Doom shots in both issues). 

Also, Buscema's back view of Sue in #116 (the "a little afraid" panel) strongly reminded me of another image of Sue. I'll post it here next time

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