Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fantastic Four #143 (Pt 6) Men at Work... Dr. Doom's complex--and also at the Beehive's Citadel of Science.
FantasticFour 143-TerribleTriumphDrDoom
 Fantastic Four #143 (1974) Buckler                  Fantastic Four #67 (1967) Kirby


  1. A superb detail, well spotted! I'm currently researching how the technology evolves in the FF: if you look carefully you can trace the development of the core technologies (unstable molecules, subspace portal, and robots) from year to year.

    The costyme suimilarity cements the link between "Him" and the cyborg Darkoth, and Doom's next step in robot development, his Doomsman a few months later. It looks like many of the Beehive scientists escaped and continued their "perfect research" work under Doom. Good find.

    1. Chris,

      LOL, that was my conclusion too regarding the personnel working for both Doom and the Enclave--it was the same guys or at least the same "guise" ;).

      Thanks for the comments. Your research sounds very intriguing--I'm looking forward to reading about it at your Fantastic Four Great American Novel site.

  2. it might take a while :) I've had to reread the entire run, looking for clues, and keep getting sidetracked by other amazing stuff.

    I's fascinating how it all fits together. Superficially it might look like Reed and Doom can come up with any invention they want at any time, but look closer and there is an arms race of very few items.

    Each of these few items (mainly robots plus the subspace portal and its three component technologies) is developed a tiny bit further by one of the main players (mainly Reed and Doom, but the Thinker made some big robotics advances). Usually their advances follow some contact with alien technology. Then the others get a sample of it and upgrade THEIR technology if they can, assuming they can decipher how it works - often there is just a single working model that relies on the original alien tech they found. And so the cycle continues.

    I have pages and pages of notes on this (currently up to FF200) and every week or so add another couple of issues. One day I'l get it all sorted. :) I want to put it all on one page, so it's plain how all the issues fit together: if I split the stuff int each issue review the big picture will be lost. but that means a ton of editing work to get all the notes into a simple form. Fun fun fun. :)


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