Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 (Pt 28) Pulled From the Pages of Fantastic Four #52

Giant-Size Super-Stars 1 Hulk
1974: Giant-Size Super-Stars #1  Rich Buckler
Fantastic Four 52 Panther
1966: Fantastic Four #52  Jack Kirby
Note that both panels involve the FF testing new aircraft given to them by the Black Panther. Did the penciled art remind Gerry Conway of FF #52, or was he the one who suggested the scenario/specific issue to Rich Buckler? In any event, the GSSS #1 dialogue and art provide continuity to the Lee-Kirby FF. 

Plus! I then noticed these on the same pages as above: 
1974 Giant-Size Super-Stars 1 Hulk
1974: Giant-Size Super-Stars #1
Fantastic Four 52 Stan Lee Jack Kirby
1966: Fantastic Four #52 

The panels on the pages: 
Giant-Size Super-Stars 1 Hulk Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four #52 (1966) Kirby                              Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 (1974) Buckler

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