Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fantastic Four #151 (Pt 4) Ben Is Bustin' Out All Over

Fantastic Four 151-ThundraLightning-BenGrimm
Fantastic Four #151 (1974) Rich Buckler
Fantastic Four 68-HisMissionDestroy-BenGrimm
Fantastic Four #68 (1967) Jack Kirby

Back in 1974, Marvel's Greatest Comics #51, which reprinted FF #68,  was on sale at the same time as Fantastic Four #150--so, about a month prior to FF #151 hitting the stands. I wonder, did readers of both mags connect the dots and notice the source panel?

At any rate, fans seemed to have really enjoyed the art on this mid-70s FF run. The Buckler-Sinnott Kirbyesque art was often lauded in the FF letter columns; and as one letter writer put it in Fantastic Four #164: "It's Rich Buckler's tribute to the style and excellence of the F.F. in their former day of greatness." 

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