Friday, July 18, 2014

Fantastic Four #152 (Pt 2) Reed and Sue

Let's take a look at this three panel sequence from FF #152. By the way, these are Jim Mooney finishes over Buckler layouts in #152. Marvel thanked Mooney for stepping in and saving "us at the last minute."

During this time Marvel was producing a large number of comics; and Buckler, Sinnott, Sal Buscema and others were working on multiple assignments including 1974's Giant-Size issues! With such a large output, looming deadlines, etc., it's not surprising there were some rush jobs and last minute "rescues"  along the way. 

Fantastic Four 152-Conway-WorldMadnessMade
Top of page 10,  Fantastic Four #152

Panel one is a combo of two panels from FF #43. 
Fantastic Four 152-Conway-WorldMadnessMade
Fantastic Four #152 (1974) Buckler

Fantastic Four 43
Fantastic Four #43 (1965) Jack Kirby/inker Vince Colletta

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four #43 (1965)
Kirby/inker Colletta
                                              Panel two is modeled after this one from #43.
Fantastic Four 152-BronzeAge-Conway
Fantastic Four #152
Fantastic Four 43-FrightfulFour
Fantastic Four #43

And panel three is based on a panel from--yep, you guessed it-- FF  #43.
Fantastic Four 152-ReedSueRichards
Fantastic Four #152
Fantastic Four 43-ReedSue-FrightfulFour
Fantastic Four #43

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