Monday, September 15, 2014

Fantastic Four #142 (Pt 2) Reed's Ray Gun

 FF #142 was Rich Buckler's first issue as the FF's regular penciler and like John Romita Sr. and John Buscema before him, Buckler had to maintain a visual consistency with the Kirby FF. In addition Buckler also had to provide continuity with popular predecessor Buscema's work. Joe Sinnott finished many of Buscema's and Buckler's issues, adding to the seamless B-to-B transition. 
Here's an example from FF #142 of Buckler's take on the Buscema musculature combined with a Kirby-inspired panel. 
Fantastic Four 142-NoFriendBesideHim-Conway
Fantastic Four #142 (1974) Buckler

Fantastic Four 40-BattleofBaxterBuilding
Fantastic Four #40 (1965) Kirby

And here's the Buscema version from the preceding issue, FF #141 (Buckler's #142 panel is a flashback of this scene). 
Fantastic Four 141-EndofFantasticFour
Fantastic Four #141 (1974) John Buscema

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