Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fantastic Four #153 (Pt 22) Panel 8, Penultimate Page - Medusa Spaces Out

#153's Reed and Ben may be partly based on Kirby's opening splash of FF #100 (1970), but Medusa here is pretty much a twin of John Buscema's Medusa from the opening splash of Fantastic Four #141. Johnny's legs and feet make stellar appearances in both panels too.  
Fantastic Four 153-WorldsInCollision
Cover-dated December 1974 - Fantastic Four #153 - Buckler
Fantastic Four 141-EndofFantasticFour
A mere year earlier! Cover-dated December 1973 - Fantastic Four #141 - by Big John Buscema

Fantastic Four 153-WorldsInCollision
Fantastic Four #153 (1974) Page 30

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