Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fantastic Four #153 (Pt 18) Panel 1, Penultimate Page - Machus, Femizons and Alpha Primitives

Panel one (l.) from page 30 of FF #153.   

FantasticFour 153-RichBucklerArt
Fantastic Four #153 (1974) Buckler

Fantastic Four #82 (1969) Jack Kirby

Here's the page below. Take a look at it, peruse it, commit it to memory even--aww, just kidding! No need to memorize this page, as we'll be seeing this page again and again in the next few posts when we examine some of the other panels.  
FantasticFour 153-Mahkizmo-Buckler
Fantastic Four #153 (1974) Buckler

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